Minnesota Felony Crimes

I have successfully represented hundreds of individuals accused of felony offenses. I have obtained numerous acquittals, dismissals, and successfully negotiated reduced charges in felony cases.  — David Reyes

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Felony crimes in Minnesota are punishable by a minimum prison term of one year in either state or federal prison. Felony offenses are the most serious class of offenses in Minnesota and federal courts.

In addition to prison consequences, there are numerous additional consequences that may occur, including loss of voting rights, gun rights, federal and state benefits, work restrictions, loss of employment, professional licensing restrictions, driver’s license restrictions, and forfeitures. There may be significant immigration consequences, including possible deportation.

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Felony offenses include

Assaults on a Police Officer
Controlled Substance Charges
Drug Trafficking
Drug Manufacture
Drug Sale
Drug Possession
Criminal Sexual Conduct
Child Pornography
Felony DWI
Criminal Vehicular Operation
Criminal Vehicular Homicide
White Collar Crimes
Fraud Charges
Internet Fraud
Tax Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Identity Theft
Aggravated Robbery
Felon in Possession of Weapons and Firearms

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