Criminal Vehicular Homicide

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David Reyes handled my criminal vehicular operation case and through his diligence and hardwork got me a result that not only kept a felony off my record but kept me out of prison and jail.

When individuals are seriously injured or are killed by an impaired driver, the consequences are obviously devastating. The driver, the driver’s family, and the victim’s family clearly face a life changing event. The consequences depend on the severity of the injury, and may range from a probationary sentence to prison, fines, loss of license and vehicle forfeitures. Not to mention civil liability. Almost all criminal vehicular operation (CVO) crimes are serious felony offenses with potential prison sentences if found guilty.

Criminal Vehicular Homicide or Operation (CVO) is where a person causes injury to or the death of another as a result of operating a motor vehicle in a grossly negligent manner/reckless driving, in a negligent manner while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or where the driver who causes the accident leaves the scene of the accident/hit and run.

The philosophy of our firm is to begin preparing a defense from the initial client interview. We explore every possible manner of defense from suppressing evidence to preparing for a jury trial. Often times the prosecution may not be able to establish who was driving, or establish impairment, or we may be able to establish that the victim contributed to the accident. After reviewing all possible avenues we then focus on a strategy for negotiating a result significantly reducing charges, dismissing charges, or minimizing consequences.

You need an experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative criminal defense attorney if charged with Criminal Vehicular Operation or Criminal Vehicular Homicide. Attorney David Reyes has over twenty-eight years of legal experience. He conducted investigations as an F.B.I. Agent, prosecuted felonies for the State of Minnesota and the United States Attorney’s Office before defending and protecting the rights of individuals accused of crimes, including Criminal Vehicular Operation and Criminal Vehicular Homicide.

Help and Legal Representation in Criminal Vehicle Operation Cases

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