Federal Criminal Charges

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I was charged with a federal drug offense and after a week long trial David Reyes convinced the jury that I was innocent. They returned a verdict of not guilty within two hours. My prayers were answered.

Federal criminal charges are intimidating and overwhelming for most individuals. Some attorneys refuse to take clients who have been charged or are being investigated by a federal agency. Many criminal defense lawyers do not have significant experience handling federal cases and do not understand the federal rules and sentencing guidelines. You need an attorney on your side with a PROVEN RECORD OF SUCCESS in the federal court system.

David Reyes is a reputable and successful federal criminal defense attorney who has handled numerous federal criminal cases from the investigative stages through jury trial. He has successfully had cases dismissed before even being presented to the Grand Jury. He has successfully tried a number of federal cases resulting in acquittals (Not Guilty verdicts)! Mr. Reyes clearly understands the federal system and has a vast knowledge of the complicated Federal Sentencing Guidelines. He knows how to combat the prosecution and challenge evidence and investigative procedures.

David Reyes began his legal career as an FBI Agent after graduating from Boston College Law School. He was subsequently hired as an Assistant United States Attorney who led multi-agency investigations in a variety of federal criminal matters ranging from drug investigations to complex white collar investigations.

Mr. Reyes utilizes his unique background of investigative and prosecutorial experience to now benefit individuals accused of federal crimes. David Reyes is a dedicated lawyer committed to the protection of defendant’s rights. David has successfully defended cases involving White Collar Crimes, Internet Fraud, Computer Crimes, Tax Fraud, Narcotics / Controlled Substances, Weapons / Firearms, Money Laundering, Gambling, Mail and Wire Fraud, and Child Pornography. Other federal crimes include Health Care Fraud, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Insider Trading, Mortgage Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Identity Theft, Environmental Crimes, and Endangered Species Crimes.

David Reyes continues to maintain the highest level of practice. He is actively involved as a member of the Federal Defender Conflicts Panel, regularly attends a variety of continuing legal education seminars, and receives daily updates from a variety of resources. These resources and experiences help Mr. Reyes obtain the best results possible ranging from acquittals and dismissals to substantial downward departures from the federal sentencing guidelines.

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